2019 Week 3

Summer Programme 2019

Week 3 – Sunday, 21 July to Saturday,  27 July

Course TitleTutor
A History of Cosmology across Five Centuries: Copernicus to the Big BangAllan Chapman
Archaeology of Ancient Rome: Trade and EconomyAlison MacDonald
Byron: Romantic and ComicPhilip W J Healy
French Romantic OperaJonathan Darnborough
Claire-Louise Lucas
Country HousesNick Doggett
Enigma and the Intelligence WarJohn Harris
Landscape of the Norman ConquestTrevor Rowley
The Coming of Arthur: The Story of King Arthur in Text and ImageVictoria Condie
The Cotswolds: Past, Present and FutureMike Breakell
The Women of the Wars of the RosesGlenn Richardson
Varieties of Love and the Nineteenth-Century NovelVal Dodd

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