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2018 Week 1 Course 6

From Edward to Elizabeth:


The British Monarchy Since 1901


Annette Mayer


Week 1

1 - 7 July 2018

This course explores the fascinating stories of the British monarchs who have ruled Britain since 1901. The monarchy has faced many challenges. Its reputation has ebbed and flowed, as the crown has changed hands from that of a cosmopolitan king, Edward VII, to one who was steadfast and conscientious, George V; from Edward VIII, the ill-fated’ People’s’ king to his brother George VI for whom duty was unquestionable. The longevity of its current queen, Elizabeth II, has ensured that the monarchy had remained a highly respected institution. We will investigate the lives of these five monarchs and their families and seek to evaluate the impact they have had on Britain during the course of the 20th and 21st centuries.





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