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2018 Week 2 Course 4

The Cotswolds: Past, Present and Future


Mike Breakell


Week 2

8 - 14 July 2018

This course explores historical and geographical aspects of this area of southern England known for tranquil villages nestling in the undulating landscape. We will look at the historical development of such Cotswold activities as weaving, brewing, dry stone walling and Stonesfield slating and the development of the Arts and Crafts Movement by William Morris and his fellow craftsmen. We will discuss enjoyable Cotswold traditions including mummers’ plays, morris dancing, cheese rolling and the Cotswold Olympics before considering the threats to the Cotswold landscape and communities caused by ever changing social and economic conditions. Films, adverts and TV series are increasingly being located in the Cotswolds, even if both the storyline and the ‘big house’ are located elsewhere.





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