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2018 Week 2 Course 5

English Civil War and Revolution, 1642-60'


A World Turned Upside Down'?


Kate Watson


Week 2

8 - 14 July 2018

The time of Civil War resonates with vivid imagery, be it dashing cavaliers, pious roundheads, a defiant Charles I, or a puritanical Cromwell: images which have entered and captured the popular imagination on many levels. Yet these images tell us only half the story. For throughout this turbulent period England not only lost a king, and gained a ‘Lord Protector’, but created the first modern republic - and the first modern dictatorship. In the process, it truly was a ‘world turned upside down’. Participants on this course will encounter both the image and the reality behind the historical headlines, through an exploration of key themes, issues and personalities, and discussions of contemporary materials. 





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