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2018 Week 3 Course 3

Enigma and the Intelligence War


John Harris


Week 3

15 - 21 July 2018

The Enigma cipher was the backbone of German military, air and naval intelligence communications during World War II. Bletchley Park was home to the Allied codebreakers who worked in impenetrable secrecy on decryption of the cipher and, in the process, gave birth to the modern world of computing. Bletchley was acquired in 1938 by the Government Code & Cipher School. At its wartime peak some nine thousand men and women worked there. This course, which includes a full-day site visit, will analyse the development of decryption measures, and consider both the impact of Bletchley’s work on the war in Europe and the Far East and the extent to which it may have shortened the war and ensured an Allied victory.





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