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2018 Week 3 Course 6

Ideas of Freedom


James Panton


Week 3

15 - 21 July 2018

Freedom has been a fundamental political ideal at least since the Enlightenment. Most of us want to live free lives, unmolested and uncoerced; we want to be masters of our own destiny rather than objects of fate; we want to work for our own good rather than being slaves controlled by others. We want to live in a free not a totalitarian society. Western societies have fought numerous wars in the name of freedom over recent centuries But exactly what does freedom mean? And how free are we really? Is there more to freedom than just the freedom to consume? Is freedom really still worth fighting for? This course considers some if the different approaches to the question of freedom taken by different political thinkers, activists and philosophers over the past three centuries, and it ends by looking towards the question of how free we are, and want to be, in 2017. 





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