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2018 Week 6 Course 9

Pirates, Adventurers and Fortune-Seekers:


The Elizabethan and Jacobean Age of Exploration


Janet Dickinson


Week 6

5 - 11 August 2018

The reigns of Elizabeth I and James I in England witnessed dramatic, long-lasting changes in the nature of culture, society, and religion. One aspect of this has been characterized as the ‘Age of Discovery’. Individuals such as Sir Walter Ralegh and Sir Francis Drake spearheaded voyages of exploration and discovery carried out with the backing of the monarch and members of the government, sometimes secretly, sometimes openly. The opening up of Europe to the unknown and the development of new technologies that allowed long-distance exploration resulted in fundamental alterations to the conduct of trade, politics and diplomacy. This course will consider these changes, including the conduct of diplomacy and the experiences of the entrepreneurial individuals who travelled into the unknown.





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