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James Panton

James Panton


James Panton is an academic, teacher and social commentator. He spent 8 years tutoring politics in Oxford, dividing his time between St John’s College, Hertford College, and Lady Margaret Hall, before moving into secondary education. He teaches politics and history at Stowe School in Buckingham, and continues as a lecturer in political and intellectual history at Hertford College, Oxford, and as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University. He studied PPE at Mansfield College, Oxford; philosophy at University College London, and received his DPhil in politics from the University of Oxford.

James has written academic articles and book chapters on a range of issues, not least on the changing role of universities, on education and on pedagogy. In 2005 he was a founder member and campaigns director of the Manifesto Club, which campaigns against ‘the hyperregulation of everyday life’, an organisation best known for its campaign against the CRB and Vetting database.

James has written widely for the specialist and mainstream press, and appeared on numerous television and radio programmes, on issues of politics, social policy and education.

James regularly takes part in radio and television debates on politics, education and intellectual life, and he writes for print and online media.





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