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Oxford Experience Tutors 2018


Amr Abdelgany


The Broken Genes
The Fixing Genes


Tim Barrett


In Search of Time: The Art and Science of the Fourth Dimension
The BBC at War, 1939-45: Its Finest Hour?


David Beard


The Medieval Parish Church
Introduction to Archaeology


Gail Bent


Upstairs, Downstairs in the English Country House


Richard Bisgrove


500 Years of the English Garden
The Arts and Crafts Garden


Mike Breakell


The Cotswolds: Past, Present and Future


Antony Buxton


The Arts and Crafts Movement: A Continuing Legacy


Allan Chapman


A History of Cosmology across Five Centuries: Copernicus to the Big Bang


Victoria Condie


The Coming of Arthur: The Story of King Arthur in Text and Image


Julia Cresswell


Chivalry and Knighthood
History of the English Language


Roger Dalrymple


Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: Journeying Onward


Chris Danziger


From Rasputin to Putin: The Russian Enigma
Napoleon: The First Modern Man


Jonathan Darnborough
and Claire-Louise Lucas


Rachmaninoff: His Life and Music
Shakespeare in Opera


Janet Dickinson


Mary Queen of Scots
Power and Intimacy: Elizabeth I and her Court
Pirates, Adventurers and Fortune-Seekers: The Elizabethan and Jacobean Age of Exploration


Val Dodd


George Eliot's Middlemarch
Dickens' Bleak House


Nicholas Doggett


Country Houses


Michael Duigan


A Gift to Trap a Virgin Goddess


John Garth


Tolkien and C. S. Lewis in Oxford


Christian Glossner


The European Union: Conception, Crisis, Collapse?


John Harris


Enigma and the Intelligence War
Nelson, Trafalgar and Victory at Sea


Michael Harrison


200 Years of British Murder


Philip Healy


Byron: Romantic and Comic


Andrea Lechler


The Meaning of Life


Annette Mayer


From Edward to Elizabeth: The British Monarchy Since 1901


Scott McCracken


The Enigma of Stone Henge


Alison McDonald


Life in Ancient Rome


Stephen Mileson


Life in a Medieval Village


Julian Munby


Colleges of Oxford


Darren Ormandy


Lewis Carroll in Oxford
Shakespeare's Medieval World


James Panton


Political Thinking in the 20th Century
Ideas of Freedom


Aphrodite Papayianni


Byzantine Constantinople


Paul Quinn


The Nineteenth-Century British Horror Novel


Mark Radford


Great Victorians: The Verdict of History
Terrorism in the Contemporary World


Michael Redley


Britain's Twentieth-Century Prime Ministers since the Second World War


Glenn Richardson


The Rose and the Lilly: England and France, 1515-1715
Cardinal Wolsey: Renaissance Prelate and Patron
The Women of the Wars of the Roses


Rikky Rooksby


The Magic of Cornwall: Art and Literature in the Far West
The Beatles, Popular Music and Sixties Britain
Music and the Novel: Notes in Stories and Stories in Notes


Trevor Rowley


Landscapes of the Norman Conquest
Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages
Castles of Britain


Michael Sibly


Hersey, Crusade and Inquisition in Southern France, 1150-1250


Martin Stiles


Image and Identity: Changes in British Portraiture from Holbein to Lawrence


Kate Watson


English Civil War and Revolution, 1642-60' A World Turned Upside Down'?
Life in Georgian England: Macaronis,Merchants and the Mob


Kees Windland


Samuel Pepys' London
British Spies in Fact and Fiction


Gareth Winrow


Turkey and Iran: Rivals in the Middle East


Sara Zadrozny


Victorian Detective Novels: The Game is Afoot!
Scandle in the Family: Five Victorian Novels and Representations of the Family


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