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Week 6 2018 Copy

Week 6 - 5 to 11 August 2018


Britain's Twentieth-Century Prime Ministers
since the Second World War


Michael Redley


Castles of Britain


Trevor Rowley


The Coming of Arthur: The Story of King Arthur
in Text and Image


Victoria Condie


A Gift to Trap a Virgin Godess


Michael Duigan


History of the English Language


Julia Cresswell


Image and Identity: Changes in British Portraiture from Holbein to Lawrence


Martin Stiles


Life in Georgian England: Macaronis,Merchants and the Mob


Kate Watson


Music and the Novel: Notes in Stories and Stories in Notes


Rikky Rooksby


Pirates, Adventurers and Fortune-Seekers:
The Elizabethan and Jacobean Age of Exploration


Janet Dickinson


Scandle in the Family: Five Victorian Novels and Representations of the Family


Sara Zadrozny


Tolkien and C. S. Lewis in Oxford


John Garth



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