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What's New For 2017?


New Courses for 2017


  The Life of Sir Winston Churchill   Annette Mayer

  Castles of Britain   Trevor Rowley

  The Glory of Byzantium   Aphrodite Papayianni

  The Meaning of Life   Andrea Lechler

From Broadway to the West End
- a history of the modern musical
Jonathan Darnborough
& Claire-Louise Lucas

Life in Georgian England:
Macaronis, Merchants and the Mob
  Kate Watson

The Vikings
  David Beard

  Charles Dickens Great - Expectations   Sara Zadrozny

  Samuel Pepys' London   Kees Windland

  Image and Identity   Stiles

  The Operas of Puccini  
Jonathan Darnborough
& Claire-Louise Lucas

  Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: journeying onward   Roger Dalrymple

  The Women of the Wars of the Roses   Glenn Richardson

  Fantastic Bests and Where They Come From   Julia Cresswell

  Evelyn Waugh: Beyond Brideshead   Paul Quinn

  The Broken Genes   Amr Abdelgany

  Gertrude Jekyll and the Arts and Crafts Garden   Richard Bisgrove

  Emma and Anne; Austen's Heroines?   Val Dodd

  Enigma and the Intelligence War   John Harris

  The Rose and the Lily: England and France 1515-1715   Glenn Richardson

  Ideas of Freedom   James Panton

  Heresy, Crusade and Inquisition in Southern France 1150-1250   Michael Sibly

  The Coming of Arthur   Victoria Condie

  Life in a Medieval Village   Stephen Mileson

  In Search of Time: The Art and Science of the Fourth Dimension   Tim Barrett

  Pilgrimage in Middle Ages   Trevor Rowley

  In Search of England   Rikky Rooksby

  Tolkien and C.S. Lewis in Oxford   John Garth

  Varieties of Love and the 19th Century Novel   Val Dodd

  The Pre-Raphaelites   Kees Windland

  Life in Roman Britain   Alison McDonald



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