The oxford experience

a very special experience

The Oxford Experience Summer School

runs for six weeks every summer

from the beginning of July to the middle of August

The summer school is held in the 

Oxford University college of Christ Church

which is the largest of the Oxford colleges

Each week up to twelve different courses are offered 

from a wide range of subjects

Every week the courses are different


So that's over sixty courses to choose from!

And we add new courses each year!

The following broad subject areas are offered:

  • Archaeology & Early History 

  • Art, Music, Houses & Gardens

  • Literature, Folklore & Creative Writing

  • Modern History & Politics

  • Natural and Social Sciences

Where appropriate, classes have a field trip

so that you can get first hand experience 
of what you have learnt

Participants come for one or more weeks,

taking a different class each week

Classes are held in rooms in Peckwater Quad

and class sizes are restricted to a maximum of twelve

This ensures that the classes are small, friendly seminars

Participants live in the college

and take their meals in the Great Hall

That's the Hall that inspired the Harry Potter films!

There are evening activities

such as lectures, quizzes 

and even a display of morris dancing

At the end of each week

there is a final night reception

this is usually held in the Cathedral Garden

This is often the time when people take class photos

After the reception ...

... there is a gala dinner in the Great Hall

For this meal the classes sit together with their tutors

There is a specially printed menu for the meal

(this has a copy of the Christ Church Latin Grace, 
together with a translation)

The tutors also hand out the Certificates

(something to show your friends when you get home!)

The Oxford Experience is run by the 

Department for Continuing Education

of the University of Oxford


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